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Prepis gramofónových platní na CD
Objavili ste v našej ponuke LP alebo SP platňu ktorú by ste si aj radi vypočuli, ale gramofón je už dávno stratený? Máme pre vás riešenie. Pri kúpe akejkoľvek platne z našej ponuky sa vám v košíku objaví ponuka na prepis tejto platne do formátu audio CD a problém je vyriešený. Cena za jednu stranu SP platne je 1 € a za jednu stranu LP 2 €. Prepis je autentický, zachovávajúci prípadný šum alebo praskot platne aby bol zážitok čo najviac podobný originálu. Preto neváhajte, vaše obľúbené "hity" z mladosti majú opäť šancu zaznieť... PLATNE
Cudzojazyčné knihy
České knihy
Deti, mládež
Ezoterika, záhady
História, dejiny
Hobby, voľný čas
Hudba a zvuk
Jazyky, slovníky
Kuchyňa, domácnosť
Nové veci
Odborná literatúra
Paperbackové romány
Romány, poviedky, eseje
Svet, geografia
Učebnice, skriptá
Umenie, kultúra
Zdravotnícka literatúra
Životopisy, memoáre
antikvariát hand made
[ 97 položiek ]

Grass Günter - Cat and Mouse 105251-44-01 Grass Günter
Cat and Mouse
Penguin Books 1970
Cena: 0.90 €

144 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav B), brož.
To compensate for his unusually large Adam’s apple—source of both discomfort and distress—fourteen year old Joachim Mahlke turns himself into athlete and ace diver. Soon he is known to his peers and his nation as “The Great Mahlke”. But to his enemies, he remains a target. He is different and doomed in a country scarred by the war.

Cat and Mouse was first published in 1961, two years after Gunter Grass’ controversial and applauded masterpiece, The Tin Drum. Once again Grass turns his attention on Danzig. With a subtle blend of humour and power, Cat and Mouse ostensibly relates the rise of Mahlke from clown to hero. But Mahlke’s outlandish antics hide the darkness at the heart of a nation torn by Nazi violence, the war and its aftermath.
Hmotnosť: 0.098 kg rozmer: 17.7 cm x 11 cm

Green John - An Abundance of Katherines 111456-44-01 Green John
An Abundance of Katherines
Penguin Books 2006
Cena: 3.30 €

250 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-14-241070-7, (stav A), brož.
When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton s type is girls named Katherine. And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped. Nineteen times, to be exact. On a road trip miles from home, this anagram-happy, washed-up child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an overweight Judge Judy - loving best friend riding shotgun - but no Katherines. Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere, and finally win him the girl. Love, friendship, and a dead Austro-Hungarian archduke add up to surprising and heart - changing conclusions in this ingeniously layered comic novel about reinventing oneself.
Hmotnosť: 0.276 kg rozmer: 6.6 cm x 4.3 cm

Grove E.S. - The Glass Sentence 104240-44-01 Grove E.S.
The Glass Sentence
Viking 2014
Cena: 3.00 €

494 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-670-78502-5, (stav A), viaz.
She has only seen the world through maps. She had no idea they were so dangerous.

Boston, 1891. Sophia Tims comes from a family of explorers and cartologers who, for generations, have been traveling and mapping the New World—a world changed by the Great Disruption of 1799, when all the continents were flung into different time periods. Eight years ago, her parents left her with her uncle Shadrack, the foremost cartologer in Boston, and went on an urgent mission. They never returned. Life with her brilliant, absent-minded, adored uncle has taught Sophia to take care of herself.

Then Shadrack is kidnapped. And Sophia, who has rarely been outside of Boston, is the only one who can search for him. Together with Theo, a refugee from the West, she travels over rough terrain and uncharted ocean, encounters pirates and traders, and relies on a combination of Shadrack’s maps, common sense, and her own slantwise powers of observation. But even as Sophia and Theo try to save Shadrack’s life, they are in danger of losing their own.

The Glass Sentence plunges readers into a time and place they will not want to leave, and introduces them to a heroine and hero they will take to their hearts. It is a remarkable debut.
Hmotnosť: 0.628 kg rozmer: 24.3 cm x 17 cm

Hawkes John - Adventures in the Alaskan Skin Trade 87594-44-01 Hawkes John
Adventures in the Alaskan Skin Trade
Chatto & Windus, London 1985
Cena: 2.35 €

396 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
As the proprietor of Gamelands, the best little whorehouse in Alaska, beautiful and athletic Sunny Deauville is dedicated to a life of guilt-free hedonism. Yet she is haunted by dreams of her long-lost father, "Uncle Jake," a gentleman adventurer who dragged his family off to Alaska after the Crash of 1929. Each night as he returns to her dreams, Sunny relives the vivid episodes of her childhood.
This powerful, humorous, and hauntingly beautiful book is at once an Alaskan tall tale and a psychological thriller of stunning insight and depth.
Hmotnosť: 0.58 kg rozmer: 22.8 cm x 15.3 cm

Hendry Mary Frances - Atlantis 92765-44-01 Hendry Mary Frances
Oxford 1999
Cena: 2.49 €

154 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-19-275017-8, (stav A), brož.
Exciting fantasy adventure story for young adults, printed in Large Print. An unbelievable discovery by a young boy suddenly puts the underwater city in great danger. The effects are still felt in the follow up book, QUEST FOR ATLANTIS by Frances Mary Hendry (also in Large Print). A creak, a crunching growl, a roar. A brief dazzle of light. He tried to leap for the wall, as the Coal had told him to do, but his bad ankle gave way. The roof fell in... Far below the Antarctic ice, the folk of Atlantis have lived for centuries, safe from the cold and danger Outside. But when a boy called Mungith makes an unbelievable discovery in the old mines, the Atlantans lives are suddenly in great danger. Then tragedy hits the kingdom, and Mungith knows he will be blamed - unless he can somehow restore peace and well-being to his people.
Hmotnosť: 0.134 kg rozmer: 19.8 cm x 13.1 cm

Herbert Frank - Children of Dune 115928-44-01 Herbert Frank
Children of Dune
Orion Books 2004
Cena: 3.40 €

426 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-575-07490-6, (stav A), brož.
The desert planet of Arrakis has begun to grow green and lush. The life-giving spice is abundant. The nine-year-old royal twins, possesing their father s supernatural powers, are being groomed as Messiahs.
But there are those who think the Imperium does not need messiahs...
Hmotnosť: 0.24 kg rozmer: 18.4 cm x 12.5 cm

Herriot James - Vets Might Fly 114528-44-01 Herriot James
Vets Might Fly
Book Club Associates, London 1976
Cena: 1.80 €

256 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
A few months of married bliss, a lovers nest in Darrowby and the wonders of home cooking are rudely interrupted for James Herriot by the Second World War. James Herriot s fifth volume of memoirs relocates him to a training camp somewhere in England. And in between square pounding and digging for victory, he dreams of the people and livestock he left behind him.
Hmotnosť: 0.412 kg rozmer: 22.8 cm x 14.6 cm

Hightower Lynn - High water 5320-44-01 Hightower Lynn
High water
Hodder & Stoughton 2002
Cena: 2.70 €

306 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN 0 340 79239 6, (stav A), viaz.
Beaufort, South Carolina: When the matriarch of the Smallwood family dies of mysterious causes, everybody in town has their eyes on the widower. An ex-marine involved in a local scandal years before, Fielding Smallwood is known as a fierce man with a powerful sense of discipline. He was neglectful of his wife and three children, including Georgie, the youngest, who is convinced her father is the killer...until another tragedy occurs and her sister Claire becomes a prime suspect. Now it s up to Georgie to find the evidence needed to clear her sister s name -- even if what she discovers threatens the survival of the only family she has left.
Hmotnosť: 0.568 kg rozmer: 24.2 cm x 15.8 cm

Holden Craig - The River Sorrow 88502-44-01 Holden Craig
The River Sorrow
Delacorte Press 1994
Cena: 2.10 €

390 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-385-31207-5, (stav A), viaz.
In one of the most unique and powerfully realized debut novels of the decade, Craig Holden creates a page-turning drama that is both emotionally shattering and harrowingly plausible.

When a fatally burned victim is brought into the Morgantown General Hospital emergency room, a young doctor s life is changed irrevocably. For Dr. Adrian Lancaster, the arrival of "John Doe" is only the first of a bizarre and bloody series of events that will force him to relive his violent past and put him on the run. On the road and underground, accused and accuser, Lancaster s only hope for survival lies in facing the terrifying truth.
Hmotnosť: 0.646 kg rozmer: 24 cm x 16 cm

John Green - Maureen Johnson - Lauren Myracle - Let It Snow 111458-44-01 John Green - Maureen Johnson - Lauren Myracle
Let It Snow
Penguin Books 2011
Cena: 3.80 €

356 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-14-241214-5, (stav A), brož.
An ill-timed storm on Christmas Eve buries the residents of Gracetown under multiple feet of snow and causes quite a bit of chaos. One brave soul ventures out into the storm from her stranded train and sets off a chain of events that will change quite a few lives. Over the next three days one girl takes a risky shortcut with an adorable stranger, three friends set out to win a race to the Waffle House (and the hash brown spoils), and the fate of a teacup pig falls into the hands of a lovesick barista. A trio of today s bestselling authors - John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle - brings all the magic of holidays to life in three hilarious and charming interconnected tales of love, romance, and kisses that will steal your breath away.
Hmotnosť: 0.371 kg rozmer: 6.6 cm x 4.3 cm

Kent L.Steven - Apocalypse - The Clone Rebellion 10 116091-44-01 Kent L.Steven
Apocalypse - The Clone Rebellion 10
Titan Books 2014
Cena: 5.40 €

544 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Earth, A.D. 2519. The clone soldiers of the Enlisted Man’s Empire, formerly members of the Unified Authority’s powerful military, believe they have finally secured their freedom. They may not live to learn how wrong they are…

After launching an unsuccessful invasion of Washington, D.C., the Unified Authority is on the verge of defeat. Then the clones intercept a message detailing the U.A.’s last ditch plan for survival: a super weapon, a virus designed to attack the clones’ internal architecture. Only one clone was created without the fatal flaw—Wayson Harris, an outlaw model with independent thoughts and an addiction to violence.

As his empire collapses and his comrades die around him, Harris begins a one-man war against the government that created, betrayed and ultimately destroyed his brothers. Fighting the war becomes more difficult, however, as the rush from the constant combat has reached its peak—and is driving Harris slowly insane…
Hmotnosť: 0.39 kg rozmer: 21.1 cm x 14.7 cm

Kent L.Steven - Empire - The Clone Rebellion 6 116092-44-01 Kent L.Steven
Empire - The Clone Rebellion 6
Titan Books 2013
Cena: 5.40 €

464 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
After a blistering defeat by alien forces, clone soldier Lt. Wayson Harris and his brethren have been exiled to the far reaches of the galaxy where the Unified Authority intends to use them as targets for live-fire training exercises. Now, Harris will unleash his rage against the might of the U.A. Fleet, leading an army with everything to fight for, and one thing to die for—revenge.
Hmotnosť: 0.33 kg rozmer: 21 cm x 13.7 cm

Lehane Dennis - Mystic River 115728-44-01 Lehane Dennis
Mystic River
Bantam Books 2002
Cena: 3.66 €

528 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-553-81616-0, (stav A), brož.
When they were children, Sean Devine, Jimmy Marcus, and Dave Boyle were friends. But then a strange car pulled up to their street. One boy got into the car, two did not, and something terrible happened -- something that ended their friendship and changed all three boys forever.
Hmotnosť: 0.276 kg rozmer: 19.1 cm x 11.4 cm

Lovecraft P. Howard - Eldritch Tales: A Miscellany of the Macabre 115755-44-01 Lovecraft P. Howard
Eldritch Tales: A Miscellany of the Macabre
Orion Books nezistené
Cena: 10.00 €

540 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-575-09963-0, (stav A), brož.
Following on from the phenomenal success of NECRONOMICON comes ELDRITCH TALES. Howard Phillips Lovecraft died at the age of 47, but in his short life he turned out dozens of stories which changed the face of horror. His extraordinary imagination spawned both the Elder God Cthulhu and his eldritch cohorts, and the strangely compelling town of Innsmouth, all of which feature within these pages. This collection gathers together the rest of Lovecraft s rarely seen but extraordinary short fiction, including the whole of the long-out-of-print collection FUNGI FROM YOGGOTH. Many of these stories have never been available in the UK!

Stephen Jones, one of the world s foremost editors of dark fiction, will complete the Lovecraft story in his extensive afterword, and award-winning artist Les Edwards will provide numerous illustrations for this must-have companion volume to NECRONOMICON.
Hmotnosť: 0.754 kg rozmer: 25.4 cm x 16.9 cm

MacLean Alistair - Ice Station Zebra 114460-44-01 MacLean Alistair
Ice Station Zebra
Fawcett Crest Book 1969
Cena: 1.22 €

224 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
A classic thriller from the bestselling master of action and suspense.

The atomic submarine Dolphin has impossible orders: to sail beneath the ice-floes of the Arctic Ocean to locate and rescue the men of weather-station Zebra, gutted by fire and drifting with the ice-pack somewhere north of the Arctic Circle.

But the orders do not say what the Dolphin will find if she succeeds – that the fire at Ice Station Zebra was sabotage, and that one of the survivors is a killer…
Hmotnosť: 0.134 kg rozmer: 17.5 cm x 11.1 cm

Mailer Norman - Ancient Evenings 112689-44-01 Mailer Norman
Ancient Evenings
Warner Books 1984
Cena: 1.00 €

848 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
1 P int.vydanie, ISBN - 0-446-32109-5, (stav B), brož.
Crossing three millennia to Pharaonic Egypt, this tale returns to that land s essences - the war, magic, gods, death and reincarnations, the lusts, ambitions, jealousies, and betrayals.
Hmotnosť: 0.392 kg rozmer: 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm

Manby Chris - Deep Heat 96090-44-01 Manby Chris
Deep Heat
Hodder 2006
Cena: 2.00 €

424 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-340-83724-1, (stav A), brož.
Ali Harris emerges from hospital minus two useless organs: her appendix and her fiance. Winning a dream holiday for two in Antigua should cheer her up - but the holiday is the first prize in Complete Woman magazine s Most Romantic Couple of the Year competition. And there s no way Ali can claim to be one half of Britain s Most Romantic Couple on her own. With a holiday in the offing, Ali s fiance is keen to kiss and make up - but he s not prepared to give up his new girlfriend. So Ali takes matters into her own hands and discovers that revenge is sweet.
Hmotnosť: 0.286 kg rozmer: 19.7 cm x 13.4 cm

Margeaux Margaret - Honeymoon in Hell 85771-44-01 Margeaux Margaret
Honeymoon in Hell
PersonalNOVEL 2008
Cena: 1.19 €

112 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Hmotnosť: 0.14 kg rozmer: 19 cm x 13.3 cm

Martin  R. R. George - Aces Abroad 116090-44-01 Martin R. R. George
Aces Abroad
Gollancz 2014
Cena: 6.50 €

62 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-473-20513-0, (stav A), brož.
Return to the early days of the Wild Cards series, as a group of super-powered Aces set off on a fact-finding tour of the world Ever since the Wild Card virus spread across New York, people have changed - some becoming superpowered Aces , some distorted and bizarre Jokers . But the effects of the virus have spread, and all across the world new mutations are popping up. Sent by the UN on a world tour, tasked with investigating and recording the spread of the virus - and the reactions of the world - a group of Aces will discover that no matter where in the world they are, one thing will remain the same. Humanity is capable of kindness, acceptance and tolerance. But not all of the time.
Hmotnosť: 0.428 kg rozmer: 21.4 cm x 14.1 cm

Martin R.R. George - Dozois Gardner - Abraham Daniel - Hunters Run 116208-44-01 Martin R.R. George - Dozois Gardner - Abraham Daniel
Hunters Run
Harper 2008
Cena: 3.00 €

394 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-00-726022-5, (stav A), brož.
Like so many others, Ramon Espejo ran from the poverty and hopelessness of the Third World to the promise of a new world--joining a host of like-minded workers and dreamers aboard one of the great starships of the mysterious, repulsive Enye. But the life he found on the far-off planet of Sao Paulo was no better than the one he had abandoned.

Tough, volatile, and angry--a luckless prospector hoping for that one rich strike that will make him wealthy--Ramon is content only when on his own out in the bush, far from the dirty, loud, bustling hive of humanity that he detests with sociopathic fervor. Then one night his rage and too much alcohol get the better of him, resulting in sudden bloodshed and a high-profile murder. Ramon is forced to flee into the wilderness for however long it will take for the furor to die down.

Here, mercifully, almost happily alone, Ramon is once again free. But while searching for his long-elusive lode, he stumbles upon something completely unexpected: a highly advanced alien race in hiding, fugitives like himself on a world not their own. Suddenly in possession of a powerful, dangerous secret, Ramon must battle for his freedom from alien captors and also against the hostile and unpredictable planet. And so the chase begins.

Police, fugitive aliens, and a human murderer weave a web of shifting alliances as Ramon enters the greatest manhunt the alien world of Sao Paulo has ever known. If he is to survive, Ramon must overcome inscrutable aliens and deadly predators, but his greatest enemy is himself. With every move in the desperate game, he struggles to outwit his enemies and solve the mystery of a murder he himself committed.

A rip-roaring adventure tale and character study of a fascinating and twisted mind, "Hunter s Run" showcases three masters of the form at their best.
Hmotnosť: 0.268 kg rozmer: 20.6 cm x 13.2 cm
Titulov na stránke: 20, 50, 100
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