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Neuvedený - The Illustrated Bible 119588-34-01 Neuvedený
The Illustrated Bible
Dorling Kindersley 2012
Cena: 19.00 €

512 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-4053-9138-2, (stav A), viaz.
The world s greatest story retold

Enjoy and understand the Bible as never before with The Illustrated Bible. All the greatest stories are brought to life from the Creation to the Book of Revelation through amazing photographs, works of art, historical artefacts, and specially commissioned maps.

Features on key figures from Adam and Abraham to Peter and Paul, and important sites such as Jericho, Jerusalem, and Mount Sinai explain their significance, while context features give the cultural backdrop of daily life in biblical times.

The Illustrated Bible is an indispensable retelling of the stories that have absorbed readers for centuries. Written by experts from all denominations, it appeals to everyone and is a perfect reference for the whole family.
Hmotnosť: 2.57 kg rozmer: 32.7 cm x 27 cm

Neuvedený - The International Bill of Human Rights 133793-44-01 Neuvedený
The International Bill of Human Rights
United Nations 1993
Cena: 0.90 €

46 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
The International Bill of Human Rights.
Hmotnosť: 0.102 kg rozmer: 22.1 cm x 15 cm

Neuvedený - The Psychics 131953-44-02 Neuvedený
The Psychics
Time-Life Books 1992
Mysteries of the Unknown
Cena: 4.00 €

144 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-8094-6541-8, (stav A), viaz.
One of a series of books focusing on the mysteries of the unknown. This book focuses on the Psychics Energies.
Hmotnosť: 0.726 kg rozmer: 28.1 cm x 23.7 cm

Neuvedený - The Tower of London 128798-44-01 Neuvedený
The Tower of London
The Tower of London nezistené
Cena: 1.20 €

60 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Sprievodca po Londýnskej pevnosti.
Hmotnosť: 0.326 kg rozmer: 28.8 cm x 18.2 cm

Neuvedený - The World Today 118171-44-01 Neuvedený
The World Today
Heath annd Company 1985
Cena: 1.75 €

520 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
Heath Social Studies.
Hmotnosť: 1.23 kg rozmer: 24.4 cm x 22.4 cm

Neuvedený - The X Report 126206-44-01 Neuvedený
The X Report
Belmont Books 1968
Cena: 1.40 €

192 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
First book publication of important studies from Sexuology Magazine.
Hmotnosť: 0.106 kg rozmer: 17.6 cm x 10.7 cm

Neuvedený - TopGear annual 2015 110320-44-01 Neuvedený
TopGear annual 2015
BBC Children Books 2014
Cena: 2.00 €

58 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-405-91836-7, (stav A), viaz.
Ročenka televíznej relácie.
Hmotnosť: 0.432 kg rozmer: 27.9 cm x 22 cm

Neuvedený - Topsy-Turvy World 124801-44-01 Neuvedený
Topsy-Turvy World
Progress Publishers 1974
Cena: 1.80 €

328 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Zbierka humoru pre študentov anglického jazyka. Knižka je doplnená anglicko-ruským slovníčkom použitých výrazov a fráz...
Hmotnosť: 0.26 kg rozmer: 16.7 cm x 13.2 cm

Neuvedený - Vancouver Scenic Guide 129063-44-01 Neuvedený
Vancouver Scenic Guide
Natural Color Productions nezistené
Cena: 2.00 €

32 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 1-895155-04-5, (stav A), brož.
Fotopublikácia z Vancouveru...
Hmotnosť: 0.114 kg rozmer: 24.1 cm x 17.2 cm

Neuvedený - Watches form IWC 2004 76692-44-01 Neuvedený
Watches form IWC 2004
International Watch Co. 2004
Cena: 1.80 €

288 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
Katalóg švajčiarskeho výrobcu náramkových hodiniek.
Hmotnosť: 0.75 kg rozmer: 21.5 cm x 15.4 cm

Neuvedený - Welcome Guests in Saudi Arabia 115386-44-01 Neuvedený
Welcome Guests in Saudi Arabia
Alhani International Books 1993
Cena: 1.35 €

64 strán
Jazyk: anglicky, arabsky
(stav A), viaz.
The story of the Iraqui refugees.
Hmotnosť: 0.182 kg rozmer: 20.1 cm x 13.2 cm

Neuvedený - XXVIII international congress of physiological sciences 79184-44-01 Neuvedený
XXVIII international congress of physiological sciences
Akadémiai Nyomda 1980
Cena: 0.30 €

262 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
XXVIII international congress of physiological sciences - Budapest july 13-19. 1980.
Directoty of registrants.
Hmotnosť: 0.256 kg rozmer: 20 cm x 14.3 cm

Neuvedený - Yulara 33285-33-01 Neuvedený
Panda Books 1986
Cena: 2.20 €

112 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0 9588208 0 5, (stav A), viaz.
Usual library marks and wear. 111 pages with colour photo s. Yulara Tourist Resort received national and international acclaim for the quality of its architecture, construction and tourist amenities.
Hmotnosť: 0.75 kg rozmer: 25 cm x 30.5 cm

Neuvedený - Žilina Self-Governing Region 105405-28-01 Neuvedený
Žilina Self-Governing Region
Neuvedené nezistené
Cena: 0.40 €

2 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A)
Reklamno-propagačný leták približujúci krásy a okresy Žilinského samosprávneho kraja.
Hmotnosť: 0.036 kg rozmer: 28.5 cm x 9.5 cm

Newman Judith - The Craft of Childrens writing 132838-44-01 Newman Judith
The Craft of Childrens writing
Scholastic book services 1984
Cena: 1.10 €

72 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
The Craft of Children s Writing provides an invaluable resource for both teachers and parents by actually showing the reader how to discover what young children know about writing.
Hmotnosť: 0.186 kg rozmer: 22.2 cm x 17.4 cm

Niffenegger Audrey - Her Fearful Symmetry 105017-44-01 Niffenegger Audrey
Her Fearful Symmetry
Vintage Books 2010
Cena: 2.40 €

488 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-099-52418-2, (stav A), brož.
ix years after the phenomenal success of The Time Traveler s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger has returned with a spectacularly compelling and haunting second novel set in and around Highgate Cemetery in London.

When Elspeth Noblin dies of cancer, she leaves her London apartment to her twin nieces, Julia and Valentina. These two American girls never met their English aunt, only knew that their mother, too, was a twin, and Elspeth her sister. Julia and Valentina are semi-normal American teenagers--with seemingly little interest in college, finding jobs, or anything outside their cozy home in the suburbs of Chicago, and with an abnormally intense attachment to one another.

The girls move to Elspeth s flat, which borders Highgate Cemetery in London. They come to know the building s other residents. There is Martin, a brilliant and charming crossword puzzle setter suffering from crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Marjike, Martin s devoted but trapped wife, and Robert, Elspeth s elusive lover, a scholar of the cemetery. As the girls become embroiled in the fraying lives of their aunt s neighbors, they also discover that much is still alive in Highgate, including--perhaps--their aunt, who can t seem to leave her old apartment and life behind.

Niffenegger weaves a captivating story in Her Fearful Symmetry about love and identity, about secrets and sisterhood, and about the tenacity of life--even after death.
Hmotnosť: 0.27 kg rozmer: 18.8 cm x 11.7 cm

Nikonova M.S. - The Wonder World of Nature 127123-44-01 Nikonova M.S.
The Wonder World of Nature
Prosveščenie, Moskva 1977
Cena: 1.50 €

104 strán
Jazyk: rusky, anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Prírodopis pre čitateľov v anglickom jazyku s anglicko-ruským slovníčkom použitých výrazov.
Hmotnosť: 0.14 kg rozmer: 21.2 cm x 15.8 cm

Nilsson Lennart - The Symphony of Life 44059-79-01 VHS Nilsson Lennart
The Symphony of Life
Serono 1998
VHS kazeta
Cena: 0.90 €

1 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A)
Like no other photographer, Lennart Nilsson has revealed to us life s secrets. In this film we can follow in detail, the miracle that happens every time a new human being develops inside the human body. From the egg cell released into the woman s fallopian tube, the sperm factory in the man s testis, to
the amazing creation of a child inside the uterus.
Hmotnosť: 0.27 kg rozmer: 13.5 cm x 21.5 cm

Noble John - King John - USSR 128805-44-01 Noble John - King John
Lonely Planet Publication 1991
Cena: 3.40 €

838 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-86442-117-6, (stav A), brož.
Turistický sprievodca po Rusku a bývalých štátoch ZSSR.
Hmotnosť: 0.618 kg rozmer: 20.9 cm x 14 cm

Noel Alyson - Evermore (The Immortals) 132648-44-01 Noel Alyson
Evermore (The Immortals)
Macmillan 2009
Cena: 2.60 €

374 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-330-51285-5, (stav A), brož.
After a horrible accident claims the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom can see people s auras, hear their thoughts, and know someone s entire life story by touching them. Going out of her way to avoid human contact to suppress her abilities, she has been branded a freak at her new high school — but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste.

Damen is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy. He s the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head - wielding a magic so intense, it s as though he can peer straight into her soul. As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery, she s left with more questions than answers. And she has no idea just who he really is - or what he is. The only thing she knows to be true is that she s falling deeply and helplessly in love with him.
Hmotnosť: 0.31 kg rozmer: 20.4 cm x 14.4 cm
Titulov na stránke: 20, 50, 100
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