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Clarkson Jeremy - The World According to Clarkson 116333-44-01 Clarkson Jeremy
The World According to Clarkson
Penguin Books 2004
Cena: 3.60 €

340 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-141-01789-9, (stav A), brož.
Jeremy Clarkson shares his opinions on just about everything in The World According to Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson has seen rather more of the world than most. He has, as they say, been around a bit. And as a result, he s got one or two things to tell us about how it all works, and being Jeremy Clarkson he s not about to voice them quietly, humbly and without great dollops of humour.

In The World According to Clarkson, he reveals why it is that:

Too much science is bad for our health

70s rock music is nothing to be ashamed of

Hunting foxes while drunk and wearing night-sights is neither big nor clever
We must work harder to get rid of cricket

He likes the Germans (well, sometimes)

With a strong dose of common sense that is rarely, if ever, found inside the M25, Clarkson hilariously attacks the pompous, the ridiculous, the absurd and the downright idiotic, whilst also celebrating the eccentric, the clever and the sheer bloody brilliant.

Less a manifesto for living and more a road map to modern life, The World According to Clarkson is the funniest book you ll read this year. Don t leave home without it.

The World According to Clarkson is a hilarious collection of Jeremy s Sunday Times columns and the first in his The World According to Clarkson series which also includes And Another Thing, For Crying Out Loud! and How Hard Can It Be?

Brilliant, laugh-out-loud Daily Telegraph

Outrageously funny . . . will have you in stitches Time Out
Hmotnosť: 0.338 kg rozmer: 20.4 cm x 13.3 cm

Clayton Peter - Price Martin - The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 128457-44-01 Clayton Peter - Price Martin
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Routledge 1989
Cena: 2.00 €

178 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-415-05036-7, (stav A), brož.
The seven wonders of the ancient world have long been hotly debated, from the question of which great works comprise the seven, to whether some of them even existed. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World brings together several lively, detailed and engrossing discussions by noted authorities on each of the famed seven wonders, these being: the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, The Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
Hmotnosť: 0.328 kg rozmer: 21.7 cm x 14 cm

Clements Andrew - The School Story 132840-44-01 Clements Andrew
The School Story
Simon & Schuster 2002
Cena: 2.35 €

202 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-689-83717-8, (stav A), viaz.
Two middle school girls scheme to publish a book in this novel from Andrew Clements, the author of Frindle.

Natalie s best friend, Zoe, is sure that the novel Natalie s written is good enough to be published. But how can a twelve-year-old girl publish a book? Natalie s mother is an editor for a big children s publisher, but Natalie doesn t want to ask for any favors.

Then Zoe has a brilliant idea: Natalie can submit her manuscript under a pen name, with Zoe acting as her literary agent. But it s not easy for two sixth graders to put themselves over as grown-ups, even with some help from a couple of real grown-ups who are supportive but skeptical. The next bestselling school story may be in their hands—but can Natalie and Zoe pull off their masquerade?
Hmotnosť: 0.356 kg rozmer: 23.3 cm x 15.1 cm

Clewlow Carol - Love in the Modern Sense 119104-44-01 Clewlow Carol
Love in the Modern Sense
Michael Joseph, London 1992
Cena: 2.60 €

376 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-7181-3224-6, (stav A), viaz.
Hmotnosť: 0.596 kg rozmer: 23.7 cm x 15.6 cm

Close E.Brian - Smith Marion - Christianity 129424-44-01 Close E.Brian - Smith Marion
Hodder and Stoughton 1992
Cena: 1.10 €

130 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-340-54692-1, (stav A), brož.
Hmotnosť: 0.274 kg rozmer: 22.9 cm x 15.9 cm

Clymer Theodore - Venezky L.Richard - Ten Times Round 130165-44-01 Clymer Theodore - Venezky L.Richard
Ten Times Round
Ginn and Company 1984
Cena: 1.55 €

334 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
STUDYBOOK Ten Times Round (Ginn Reading Program, Level 10)
Hmotnosť: 0.774 kg rozmer: 24.2 cm x 19.8 cm

Cockburn Cynthia - Dilic Fürst Ruža - Bringing Technology Home - Gender and Technology in a Changing Europe 128799-44-01 Cockburn Cynthia - Dilic Fürst Ruža
Bringing Technology Home - Gender and Technology in a Changing Europe
Open University Press 1994
Cena: 2.10 €

190 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-335-15137-X, (stav A), brož.
From interviews with factory workers, design engineers, shop assistants, and housewives in eight European countries, distills a widespread pattern of men still being the makers and women the users of modern domestic devices such as washing machines, central vacuum systems, food processors, credit cards, and the totally electronic smart house.
Hmotnosť: 0.344 kg rozmer: 22.9 cm x 15 cm

Cohen Nick - You cant read this book 125181-44-01 Cohen Nick
You cant read this book
Fourth Estate 2013
Cena: 3.20 €

334 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-00-751850-0, (stav A), brož.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of Communism, and the advent of the Web which allowed for even the smallest voice to be heard, everywhere you turned you were told that we were living in an age of unparalleled freedom.

You Can t Read This Book argues that this view is dangerously naive. From the revolution in Iran that wasn t, to the Great Firewall of China and the imposition of super-injunctions from the filthy rich protecting their privacy, the traditional opponents of freedom of speech — religious fanaticism, plutocratic power and dictatorial states — are thriving, and in many respects finding the world a more comfortable place in the early 21st century than they did in the late 20th.

This is not an account of interesting but trivial disputes about freedom of speech: the rights and wrongs of shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre, of playing heavy metal at 3 a.m. in a built-up area or articulating extremist ideas in a school or university. Rather, this is a story that starts with the cataclysmic reaction of the Left and Right to the publication and denunciation of The Satanic Verses in 1988 that saw them jump into bed with radical extremists. It ends at the juncture where even in the transgressive, liberated West, where so much blood had been spilt for Freedom, where rebellion is the conformist style and playing the dissenter the smart career move in the arts and media, you can write a book and end up destroyed or dead.
Hmotnosť: 0.246 kg rozmer: 20.8 cm x 14 cm

Cole Owen - Six Religions in the Twentieth Century 130112-44-01 Cole Owen
Six Religions in the Twentieth Century
Hulton Educational 1986
Cena: 2.70 €

320 strán
Jazyk: česky
ISBN - 0-7175-1290-8, (stav A), brož.
Providing a separate examination of each of the six major religious faiths, this work offers a theme-based study of messengers, scriptures, worship, pilgrimages and festivals, to give an impression of the strength of these faiths today in Britain and throughout the world.
Hmotnosť: 0.512 kg rozmer: 23.7 cm x 16.1 cm

Cole Trevor - Gardening Manual for Canada 135549-44-01 Cole Trevor
Gardening Manual for Canada
Dorling Kindersley 2006
Cena: 4.00 €

420 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-55363-063-0, (stav A), brož.
Gardening manual for Canada.
Hmotnosť: 1.65 kg rozmer: 30.6 cm x 23.6 cm

Collins Jim - Good to Great 115850-44-01 Collins Jim
Good to Great
Harper Bussines 2001
Cena: 7.20 €

302 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-06-662099-6, (stav A), viaz.
The Challenge
Built to Last, the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how long-term sustained performance can be engineered into the DNA of an enterprise from the verybeginning.

But what about the company that is not born with great DNA? How can good companies, mediocre companies, even bad companies achieve enduring greatness?

The Study
For years, this question preyed on the mind of Jim Collins. Are there companies that defy gravity and convert long-term mediocrity or worse into long-term superiority? And if so, what are the universal distinguishing characteristics that cause a company to go from good to great?

The Standards
Using tough benchmarks, Collins and his research team identified a set of elite companies that made the leap to great results and sustained those results for at least fifteen years. How great? After the leap, the good-to-great companies generated cumulative stock returns that beat the general stock market by an average of seven times in fifteen years, better than twice the results delivered by a composite index of the world s greatest companies, including Coca-Cola, Intel, General Electric, and Merck.

The Comparisons
The research team contrasted the good-to-great companies with a carefully selected set of comparison companies that failed to make the leap from good to great. What was different? Why did one set of companies become truly great performers while the other set remained only good?

Over five years, the team analyzed the histories of all twenty-eight companies in the study. After sifting through mountains of data and thousands of pages of interviews, Collins and his crew discovered the key determinants of greatness -- why some companies make the leap and others don t.
Hmotnosť: 0.604 kg rozmer: 25 cm x 16.8 cm

Collins Suzanne - The Hunger Games - Catching Fire 120527-44-01 Collins Suzanne
The Hunger Games - Catching Fire
Scholastic 2011
Cena: 2.85 €

474 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-407132-09-9, (stav A), brož.
Against all odds, Katniss has won the Hunger Games. She and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark are miraculously still alive. Katniss should be relieved, happy even. After all, she has returned to her family and her longtime friend, Gale. Yet nothing is the way Katniss wishes it to be. Gale holds her at an icy distance. Peeta has turned his back on her completely. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol - a rebellion that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create.

Much to her shock, Katniss has fueled an unrest she s afraid she cannot stop. And what scares her even more is that she s not entirely convinced she should try. As time draws near for Katniss and Peeta to visit the districts on the Capitol s cruel Victory Tour, the stakes are higher than ever. If they can t prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lost in their love for each other, the consequences will be horrifying.

In Catching Fire, the second novel in the Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins continues the story of Katniss Everdeen, testing her more than ever before...and surprising readers at every turn.
Hmotnosť: 0.324 kg rozmer: 20.7 cm x 14.3 cm

Coltman N.Michael - A Practical Guide To Financial management 123839-44-01 Coltman N.Michael
A Practical Guide To Financial management
Self-Counsel Press 1990
Cena: 1.60 €

146 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-88908-600-1, (stav A), brož.
Written for all non-profit making organisations, the new edition of this clear and user-friendly guide explains the principles of good financial management, and gives updated advice on the legal and taxation issues affecting charity finances. Supported by examples throughout, it covers: financial planning, budgeting and cashflow, audit requirements, financial controls and risk management, computerising your accounts, investing charity assets, tax, trading and VAT, basic bookkeeping, tax-effective giving, and charity accounts. This fully revised edition includes new material on SORP 2005, an overview of Full Cost Recovery, latest Charity Commission guidance on investment, and updates on current good practice in computerisation accounts.The author, Kate Sayer, is a chartered accountant and a partner at Sayer Vincent with over 20 years experience of the charity and not-for-profit sector. Acclaim for the previous editions: This practical guide clearly and authoritatively maps the finance function ...and its legal and technical framework. - "Third Sector magazine". An expert guide to the whole field of financial management for charities. - "Association of Charity Officers".
Hmotnosť: 0.128 kg rozmer: 21.1 cm x 13.3 cm

Coltman N.Michael - Understanding Financial Information 123837-44-01 Coltman N.Michael
Understanding Financial Information
Self-Counsel Press 1990
Cena: 1.60 €

120 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-88908-898-5, (stav A), brož.
The Non-Financial Manager s Guide.
Hmotnosť: 0.106 kg rozmer: 20.9 cm x 13.2 cm

Connolly Coyle - Bikowski Joseph - Dermatological Atlas of Black Skin 134367-44-03 Connolly Coyle - Bikowski Joseph
Dermatological Atlas of Black Skin
Merit 2006
Cena: 10.00 €

96 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-873413-29-6, (stav A), brož.
Beautifully illustrated and finely detailed, the Dermatological Atlas of Black Skin provides comprehensive coverage of cutaneous diseases in black people. The clinical needs of this large ethnic group must be addressed on an international level, to date, very few books have been devoted entirely to this subject. In addition to the skin conditions depicted throughout the book, the text has also been updated to include current demographics.The authors examine 32 diseases with clinical variations encountered in black skin with distinctive color changes. Each disease is fully illustrated, with full definitions, etiology, clinical perspective, differential diagnosis and relevant treatment options. This unique, informative publication will ensure that clinicians can recognize, diagnose and treat skin diseases accurately in black people. The Introduction provides background to the subject, which is enormously helpful as a reference guide.
Hmotnosť: 0.376 kg rozmer: 29.2 cm x 20.6 cm

Conrad Jospeh - Heart of Darkness 124928-44-01 Conrad Jospeh
Heart of Darkness
Penguin Books 1977
Cena: 1.19 €

112 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Dark allegory describes the narrator s journey up the Congo River and his meeting with, and fascination by, Mr. Kurtz, a mysterious personage who dominates the unruly inhabitants of the region. Masterly blend of adventure, character development, psychological penetration. Considered by many Conrad s finest, most enigmatic story.
Hmotnosť: 0.066 kg rozmer: 17.6 cm x 10.8 cm

Constable George - Utopian Visions 133428-44-01 Constable George
Utopian Visions
Time-Life Books 1990
Mysteries of the Unknown
Cena: 4.00 €

160 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-8094-6376-8, (stav A), viaz.
Looks at the history of utopias, explains how other cultures have perceived the ideal life, and describes the efforts of individuals and groups to found utopian communities.
Hmotnosť: 0.786 kg rozmer: 28.1 cm x 23.7 cm

Cooper Dorothy - Folk Songs of Bohemia Cooper Dorothy - Folk Songs of Bohemia ilustr.1 73429-67-01 Cooper Dorothy
Folk Songs of Bohemia
Raf.D. Szalatnay 1925
Cena: 17.00 €

24 strán
Jazyk: anglicky, česky
ilustrácie: M.Fischerová-Kvěchová, (stav B - vzadu odtrhnutý roh obalu, inak výborný), viaz.
Zbierka 10 nádherne ilustrovaných českých národných piesní preložených do angličtiny...
Hmotnosť: 0.274 kg rozmer: 22.9 cm x 27.6 cm

Cooper Gwen - Homers Odyssey 117084-44-01 Cooper Gwen
Homers Odyssey
Bantam Books 2010
Cena: 3.00 €

290 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-0-553-82515-2, (stav A), brož.
Once in nine lives, something extraordinary happens...

The last thing Gwen Cooper wanted was another cat. She already had two, not to mention a phenomenally underpaying job and a recently broken heart. Then Gwen’s veterinarian called with a story about a three-week-old eyeless kitten who’d been abandoned. It was love at first sight.

Everyone warned that Homer would always be an "underachiever," never as playful or independent as other cats. But the kitten nobody believed in quickly grew into a three-pound dynamo, a tiny daredevil with a giant heart who eagerly made friends with every human who crossed his path. Homer scaled seven-foot bookcases with ease and leapt five feet into the air to catch flies in mid-buzz. He survived being trapped alone for days after 9/11 in an apartment near the World Trade Center, and even saved Gwen’s life when he chased off an intruder who broke into their home in the middle of the night.

But it was Homer’s unswerving loyalty, his infinite capacity for love, and his joy in the face of all obstacles that inspired Gwen daily and transformed her life. And by the time she met the man she would marry, she realized Homer had taught her the most important lesson of all: Love isn’t something you see with your eyes.

Homer’s Odyssey is the once-in-a-lifetime story of an extraordinary cat and his human companion. It celebrates the refusal to accept limits—on love, ability, or hope against overwhelming odds. By turns jubilant and moving, it’s a memoir for anybody who’s ever fallen completely and helplessly in love with a pet.
Hmotnosť: 0.21 kg rozmer: 20.2 cm x 13.4 cm

Cornish G.Clive - Basic Accounting For The Small Business 123823-44-01 Cornish G.Clive
Basic Accounting For The Small Business
Self-Counsel Press 1989
Cena: 2.00 €

206 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-88908-665-6, (stav A), brož.
Simple Foolproof Techni- Ques for Keeping Your Books Straight and Staying Out of Trouble.
Hmotnosť: 0.17 kg rozmer: 20.9 cm x 13.3 cm
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