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Baigent Michael - Leigh Richard - Lincoln Henry - The Messianic Legacy 137680-44-01 Baigent Michael - Leigh Richard - Lincoln Henry
The Messianic Legacy
Corgi books 1989
Cena: 4.50 €

504 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-552-13182-2, (stav A), brož.
In 1982 the publication of The Holy Blood and he Holy Grail caused a worldwide sensation. The controversial bestseller disclosed what was regarded by many as the single most shattering secret of the last two thousand years. This is the sequel. This time the quest begins with the origins and spread of early Christian thought and the discrepancies between that though and what we call Christianity today. Indeed, Jesus himself proves not to have been the founder of Christianity, and there may even have been more than one Christ. Of paramount importance, however, is the idea of the Messiah and what that meant to Jesus contemporaries. What emerges is a principle of Messiahship strikingly at odds with what filtered down through Christian tradition through the centuries. But how might any concept of Messiahship be relevant today? How is it understood by those who promulgate it? In order to answer this question the authors embark on a far-ranging survey of the Western world s contemporary malaise, the disintegration of meaning and the quest for new meaning, the values often taken for granted, the spectrum of surrogate religions, and the failure of organized religion to fulfill the needs of its congregations. The authors examine alternative sources of meaning, from Jung and the arts to the institution of royalty, which can all serve a crucial function in holding together a fragmented world. They argue that religion can have a vital role to play in the future of Western society but it must transform itself in order to do so. Yet the enquiry does not end here. For the authors, as for many readers of The Holy Blood and the Holy grail, mystery still surrounds that elusive secret society of the Prieure de Sion, the guardians of the Holy Grail. What is the Prieure doing today? How powerful is it? What kind of resources does it command? What kind of individuals comprise its membership? Answering these questions entails a gripping modern-day adventure story involving phantom journalists, forged signatures, doctored documents and a web of carefully disseminated information. An important American bank, for example, and a respectable British insurance company both figure prominently in the investigation. The reader is drawn into the murky underworld of contemporary European and American affairs where politics the Vatican, high finance, freemasonry and other secret societies, neo-chivalric orders an various intelligence agencies meet and conduct their clandestine transactions.
Hmotnosť: 0.31 kg rozmer: 19.2 cm x 11.6 cm

Bailey John - Religious Buildings and Festivals 129508-44-02 Bailey John
Religious Buildings and Festivals
Schofield & Sims Ltd. nezistené
Cena: 1.90 €

128 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), brož.
Religious Buildings and Festivals.
Hmotnosť: 0.308 kg rozmer: 23.5 cm x 16.8 cm

Bailey R.John - Religion in Life: Worship, Ceremonial and Rites of Passage 133647-44-02 Bailey R.John
Religion in Life: Worship, Ceremonial and Rites of Passage
Schofield & Sims Ltd. 1986
Cena: 0.95 €

128 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-7217-3040-X, (stav A), brož.
Religion in Life: Worship, Ceremonial and Rites of Passage .
Hmotnosť: 0.338 kg rozmer: 23.7 cm x 16.9 cm

Bakker Scott R. - The White-Luck Warrior 117463-44-01 Bakker Scott R.
The White-Luck Warrior
The Overlook Press 2011
Cena: 3.80 €

600 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-59020-464-1, (stav A), viaz.
A score of years after he first walked into the histories of men, Anasû,,,,,rimbor Kellhus rules all the three seas, the first true Aspect-Emperor in a thousand years.

As Kellhus and his Great Ordeal march ever farther into the perilous wastes of the Ancient North, Esmenet finds herself at war with not only the Gods, but her own family as well. Achamian, meanwhile, leads his own ragtag expedition to the legendary ruins of Sauglish, and to a truth he can scarce survive, let alone comprehend.

Into this tumult walks the White Luck Warrior, assassin and messiah both, executing a mission as old as the World s making...
Hmotnosť: 0.892 kg rozmer: 26.4 cm x 18.8 cm

          K N Í H K U P E C T V O

Banáš Jozef - I Will Break Through! Štefánik, A Man Of Iron Will 137707-90-03 Banáš Jozef
I Will Break Through! Štefánik, A Man Of Iron Will
IKAR, a.s. 2019
Cena: 13.86 €

504 strán
Jazyk: slovensky
EAN: 9788055170923, (stav A), viaz.
Per aspera ad astra
Through adversity to the stars
Milan Rastislav Štefánik was great not only for the Slovaks, but also for the Czechs and the French. A virtuoso in life and death, a magnificent example of a man who in every act surpassed himself. A man who went to the very limits of his strength to pursue his dream despite pain and adversity. The liberation of the Slovak nation was a work worthy of the measure of this man. His life was a composite of enormous faith, iron will and noble love for his nation.
In everyone there is a will to fly to the stars, but few manage to reach them. Only those whose desire is greatest can achieve this. While those lacking faith perished in the glow of street lamps, Štefánik managed to reach the stars.

Translated from the Slovak original Prebijem sa! Štefánik. Muž železnej vôle (an imprint of IKAR, a.s., 2018) by James Sutherland-Smith.
Hmotnosť: 0.823 kg rozmer: 21.2 cm x 15.7 cm

Bandow Doug - Vásquez Ian - Perpetuating Poverty 129273-44-01 Bandow Doug - Vásquez Ian
Perpetuating Poverty
Cato Institute 1994
Cena: 3.00 €

364 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 1-882577-07-8, (stav A), brož.
The World Bank, the IMF, and the Developing World.
Hmotnosť: 0.516 kg rozmer: 23.4 cm x 15.4 cm

Bardi Carla - Tube Cakes 119805-34-01 Bardi Carla
Tube Cakes
McRae Books 2011
Cena: 4.20 €

128 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-88-6098-317-6, (stav A), viaz.
Receptár báboviek...
Hmotnosť: 0.832 kg rozmer: 27.8 cm x 28.5 cm

Bardi Carla - Lane Rachel - Tarts & Pies 119426-34-02 Bardi Carla - Lane Rachel
Tarts & Pies
McRae Books 2011
Cena: 3.80 €

128 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-88-6098-322-0, (stav A), viaz.
92 percent of Americans enjoy eating pie*. Three out of four Americans overwhelmingly prefer homemade pie, and now with this cookbook, they can create over 60 delicious recipes. Whether you’re craving the comfort of an old favorite, such as Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, or Chocolate Meringue Pie, or you’re looking for something fresh and unique to bring to your next party, such as Blueberry & Hazelnut Streusel or Banoffee Pie, you’ll find what you’re looking for inside these beautiful, pie-shaped pages. • Unique, eye-catching, fun format • Amazing lush photos in the actual size and shape of the finished pies • 60 different delicious recipes inside • Quick, easy-to-make desserts • Easy-to-follow recipes and instructions • Step-by-step photos show how to prepare basic doughs, how to fit them into the pan, and how to spread the toppings • Great for getting kids into the kitchen and interested in cooking! Delight your friends and family with scrumptious, fresh-from-the-oven, homemade pies and tarts! *According to a survey by Crisco and the American Pie Council
Hmotnosť: 0.828 kg rozmer: 29.2 cm x 29.9 cm

Barea Arturo - Unamuno 133795-44-01 Barea Arturo
Bowes & Bowes nezistené
Cena: 1.25 €

62 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
Hmotnosť: 0.13 kg rozmer: 18.3 cm x 11.9 cm

Barnaby Frank - The Gaia Peace Atlas 132964-44-01 Barnaby Frank
The Gaia Peace Atlas
Doubleday 1988
Cena: 2.55 €

272 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-385-24191-7, (stav A), brož.
Especially timely in this year of the U.N. special sessions on disarmament, this scrupulously researched text is a challenging and authoritative study of the prospects for peace and survival into the next millennium. 48 pages of four-color art, 160 of two-color.
Hmotnosť: 0.96 kg rozmer: 29.3 cm x 21.6 cm

Barry G.Roger - Chorley J.Richard - Atmosphere, Weather & Climate 128721-44-01 Barry G.Roger - Chorley J.Richard
Atmosphere, Weather & Climate
Routledge 1990
Cena: 4.50 €

410 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-415-16020-0, (stav A), brož.
This book presents a comprehensive introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions around the world, their observed variability and changes, and projected future trends. Extensively revised and updated, this ninth edition retains its tried and tested structure while incorporating recent advances in the field. From clear explanations of the basic physical and chemical principles of the atmosphere, to descriptions of regional climates and their changes, the book presents a comprehensive coverage of global meteorology and climatology. In this new edition the latest scientific ideas are again expressed in a clear, non-mathematical matter.
Hmotnosť: 1.08 kg rozmer: 24.9 cm x 20.3 cm

          K N Í H K U P E C T V O

Bárta Vladimír - Little Slovakia in Europe/Slovensko v Európe-malé/ 97123-90-03 Bárta Vladimír
Little Slovakia in Europe/Slovensko v Európe-malé/
AB ART press, s.r.o. 2004
Cena: 17.83 €

64 strán
Jazyk: slovensky
EAN: 9788088817659, (stav A), viaz.
Representative pictorial book Slovakia in Europe presents natural beauties, historical monuments, cities, culture, folklore traditions, folk architecture, transpotration, industry, agriculture and tourist attractions of Slovak Republic which becomes a part of European countries association.

Reprezentačná obrazová kniha predstavuje prírodné krásy a historické pamiatky, mestá, kultúru, folklórne tradície, ľudovú architektúru, dopravu, priemysel, poľnohospodástvo a turistické atrakcie Slovenskej republiky, ktorá sa stáva súčasťou spoločnosti európskych krajín.
Hmotnosť: 0.356 kg rozmer: 24 cm x 17 cm

Bates Marston - The Land and Wildlife of South America 112580-44-01 Bates Marston
The Land and Wildlife of South America
Time - Life Books 1970
Life Nature Library
Cena: 5.00 €

200 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
(stav A), viaz.
Nádherná publikácia približujúca divočinu a jej obyvateľov.
Hmotnosť: 0.84 kg rozmer: 28 cm x 22.2 cm

Bauval Robert - Hancock Graham - Keeper of Genesis - A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind 29872-44-01 Bauval Robert - Hancock Graham
Keeper of Genesis - A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind
Mandarin 1996
Cena: 4.20 €

384 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN 0-7493-2196-2, (stav A), brož.
Using sophisticated computer simulations of the ancient skies to crack the millennial code that the monuments transcribe, Bauval and Hancock set out a startling new theory concerning the Pyramid Texts and other archaic Egyptian scriptures.
Hmotnosť: 0.22 kg rozmer: 19.2 cm x 11.3 cm

Beardsmore Baetens Hugo - Bilingualism: Basic Principles 129425-44-01 Beardsmore Baetens Hugo
Bilingualism: Basic Principles
Tieto Ltd. 1982
Cena: 1.66 €

172 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-905028-05-8, (stav A), viaz.
This revised edition of a major textbook provides an introduction to the queries that arise in connection with bilingualism and the effect it has on the personality. It underlines the normality of speaking and using more than one language and aims to dispel many myths and fears. It should interest all types of reader - parents, educators and policy makers, as well as language specialists. Since the first edition the author has spent time in California and is therefore able to give more attention to the needs of American students. He has worked as a specialist consultant to the Directorate General for Science, Education and Research of the Commission of the European Communities and for the Singapore Ministry of Education.
Hmotnosť: 0.33 kg rozmer: 21.7 cm x 15.3 cm

Beatley Timothy - Manning Kristy - The Ecology of Place 128685-44-01 Beatley Timothy - Manning Kristy
The Ecology of Place
Island Press 1997
Cena: 4.00 €

268 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 1-55963-478-2, (stav A), brož.
Current patterns of land use and development are at once socially, economically, and environmentally destructive. Sprawling low-density development literally devours natural landscapes while breeding a pervasive sense of social isolation and exacerbating a vast array of economic problems. As more and more counties begin to look more and more the same, hope for a different future may seem to be fading. But alternatives do exist.
Hmotnosť: 0.408 kg rozmer: 22.9 cm x 15.3 cm

Bedi Bharti - Rock and Minerals 127130-34-01 Bedi Bharti
Rock and Minerals
Dorling Kindersley 2013
Cena: 3.20 €

156 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 978-1-4093-8659-9, (stav A), viaz.
Príruška na spoznávanie hornín a minerálov.
Hmotnosť: 0.296 kg rozmer: 17 cm x 14.7 cm

Beitler A.Michael - Strategic Organizational Change 116641-44-01 Beitler A.Michael
Strategic Organizational Change
PPI 2006
Cena: 7.90 €

234 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-9726064-2-4, (stav A), viaz.
A Practitioners Guide for Managers and Consultants.

Strategic Organizational Change is written by a practitioner for practitioners (managers and consultants). Much has been written about organizational change. Unfortunately, little guidance is provided for practitioners who are responsible for designing and implementing change – until now!

In this book, Dr. Beitler begins by providing a systematic approach for diagnosing organizational problems. Then he offers his step-by-step approach for designing and implementing organizational change interventions. Everything is written in a practical, easy-to-follow style, with an abundance of checklists and practice tools.

You will learn:

How to lead or facilitate change more effectively
How to diagnose organizational problems (and opportunities!)
How to systematically gather and analyze data (using the Beitler approach) before committing to a change effort
How to determine the proper type of intervention (strategic, structural, cultural, or process) and how to implement it successfully!
How to prepare for the changes that will challenge organizations in the 21st century
And more...
Every manager and change consultant will gain valuable insights and practice tools from this book. In an increasingly competitive environment these insights and tools will give managers and consultants the edge they need to succeed!
Hmotnosť: 0.512 kg rozmer: 24.2 cm x 16.1 cm

Bender David - Leone Bruno - Censorship 128719-44-01 Bender David - Leone Bruno
Greenhaven Press 1990
Cena: 1.20 €

238 strán
Jazyk: anglicky
ISBN - 0-89908-454-0, (stav A), viaz.
Opposing Viewpoints.
Hmotnosť: 0.424 kg rozmer: 21.6 cm x 13.7 cm

Bender David - Leone Bruno - Islam 129245-44-01 Bender David - Leone Bruno
Greenhaven Press 1995
Cena: 4.00 €

312 strán
Jazyk: slovensky
ISBN - 1-56510-248-7, (stav A), viaz.
Opposing Viewpoints.
Hmotnosť: 0.576 kg rozmer: 23.1 cm x 15.5 cm
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